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Incredible rebates available today!

Many local utilities offer rebates to businesses and multifamily property owners who install EV charging stations at their locations.  Funds are limited, so act now!

For more information about electric vehicles, rebates, incentives, and how installing EV charging stations is a big step towards a more sustainable future, please visit:

Electric Vehicle Acronyms

BEV – Battery Electric Vehicle

EV – Electric Vehicle

EVCS – Electric Vehicle Charging Station

EVSEElectric Vehicle Supply Equipment

HEVHybrid Electric Vehicle

ICEInternal Combustion Engine


PEVPlug-in Electric Vehicle

PHEVPlug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle

TOUTime of Use Electric Rate

ZEVZero Emission Vehicle

For more acronyms and definitions, we recommend the Electric Vehicle Institute's Electric Vehicle Acronym Glossary.

By Washington State House <a href="" target="_blank">Flickr</a>
By Washington State House Flickr

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