Multifamily Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Over one-third of Californians live in rentals or multi-unit complexes.  In San Francisco and Los Angeles over half the residents live in Mult-Unit Dwellings (MuDs.)  Charging for multi-unit complexes is necessary for the success of PEVs.

—Plug-In Vehicle Collaborative

Plugging in at home

The demand for plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) is growing at unprecedented rates.  More people charge at home than anywhere else, yet there is an incredible lack of electric vehicle charging stations at apartment, condominium and townhouses complexes.  It’s time to change that.

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Increase property value, while attracting and keeping eco-conscious residents

The majority of EV charging is done at home. It’s convenient, inexpensive, and many utilities offer time-of-use rates to lower the cost even more.  As HoV access is given to those with EVs, many EV drivers get to spend more time at home with their families.  Without access to EV charging at home, it can be a challenge for current EV drivers, and a hindrance to those looking to purchase the vehicles.  At OptimaEVCS, we have charging stations to meet the needs of property owners and their residents, while staying within an affordable budget.  We’ll also find out if incentives are available in your area, and work with you to ensure maximum rebates for your chargers are awarded.

Resident Interest Survey

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